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  • EU Sanctions List
  • OFAC List
  • Multiple National Banks
  • and more...

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29/10/2015 Dear Customers we added new lists to the default list set - None Consolidated OFAC List, CH SEOC List. Because of customer requests we are currently working on a set of new features. Pls. let us know if you have any wishes - pls. let us know -

10/02/2015 The SSL - Certificate is renewed, we are sorry for the delay - the backup machine will be announced later that day. Important: Pls. update you landing point to "". Thanks for your patience!

10/02/2015 It's 10 and we have about an hour delay. We will keep you updated about our work in progress! Next update 11 AM CET.

09/02/2015 The renewal of our SSL-Zertificates got stuck at our hosting provider in germany. We are working on this issue with highest priority! To provide you asap with the encrypted landing point we are working parallel on the backup system to allow our "none free plan users" use this. We will announce the secure backup landing point tomorrow till 10 am CET(+/-0).

01/27/2015 We are currently working on a improved version of the restriced party/person service, which will include many enhancements to the additional information which is available to a single party. Important: The score will stay the same! We are looking for beta testers who are interested in helping testing and who might put in the one or the other feature request. Pls. mail support(at) and let us know your wishes!

Issue Tracking and Help System

To keep the quality of our service high, we introduce bug and issue tracking via github. If you have problems or issues, pls. contact us via or create an issue here: ISSUE MANAGEMENT