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Batch Search Upload a list of parties to check and get the results online/to download!

How To Upload File

Working on large sets of data makes performance important and as REST-Technology produces a lot of traffic for the HTTP-Hand-Shake, we added the possibility to upload a csv-file including your parties to get checked/scored vs the restricted party database.

Restricted Party Screening

Required Format


The Id should be unique, as you may want to consolidate scores later with your uploaded list!

If you wanna search for the person ignoring the country, you should leave the country field blank in your upload file!

WorkflowWorking with data

  • First, upload your file
  • Second, you'll see the status of your uploaded file
  • Third, you'll get a short notification mail, that the file was processed and can be viewed/downloaded

Restricted Party Screening

As you can see a list of all your submited batch search files is available in the overview.

By clicking on the complete link, you'll get forwarded to a result grid, looking like this:

Restricted Party Screening