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Custom Lists How to include restricted parties lists

How to use your custom lists and why?

There are several reasons to create and check custom lists:

  • 1. Compliance – your company might have INTERNAL lists of parties your company wants to assure not to do business with and need automated ability to assure compliance with.
  • 2. Data Quality – various instance of related data can be checked for duplicates e.g. customer/supplier names
We already had some other practical solutions, but these two are the most common ones and easy to implement

Required Fields

Some information is mandatory, other is optional. Here you find the required fields:

  • Name

Optional Fields

With only mandatory fields you'll get a result but it's hard for users to check details or understand the results.

  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Comment

How to upload?

While you are logged in to your account, in the top menu, you'll find the entry: "Config -> Customer Sanction Lists".
By clicking on the menu item, you'll get forwarded to a form, where you can upload your local CSV-File (; seperated). This needs to have the structure as described above. After you've selected your file and gave the list a name, pls. hit the "create" button.

Note: You can add multiple customer lists, they are only visible for yourself. If you wanna update the recordset within one of your customer lists, then go to the list config and select update and "upload" the latest version of your csv-file.