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Post A Party! Use this to post a party/person/entity which should be checked!

Tell us much as u can!

We always try to keep up to date to the latest official lists of denied parties or persons, but sometimes even our sources are a little bit late with updating/adding new records. Due to this fact, we have agents tracking news and adding parties/persons/entities to our own database of restricted parties. We qualify them and as soon as they appear in an official list, they get removed from our 'hot list'. If you wanna post a party which seems to be dangerous for trade. You can post them on the startpage or restricted party screening org or while you are logged in on the search page of your account.

Required Format

Pls. provide us as much information as you can! The minimum requierement we have is the name and the country where the party is located. One of our agents will then track your submission and will include it to our database.


We have multiple reasons as suggestion for you, why you nominate a party - but the best help from yourside would be to describe us, why the party should be restricted!