Here you'll find all information about our solution!

Quick Start This will give you a short overview

Search the Data base

On the startpage you have the possibility to try out the search functionality. This limited option shows the fast response of the data base and gives you the record with the highest score as an example.

Sample Search "Frenzel" as an example

Just enter your search text into the search field and hit enter.

Restricted Party Screening

After the site is refreshed, you get the result above. The text found in the database is highlighted in a light blue color. On the left side you can see the score and the origin of the data record.

Although there is no exact technical match, in case ‘FRENZEL’ is also located in Columbia it might warrant further investigation as it might be still a logical match.

HINT: The higher the score, the better the technical match!

Sample Search "Bin Laden" excample for many results

Restricted Party Screening

Customer will see in the web view more than just one result but all the technical matches available. Sign up here!